The IT company Eigo experiences growing pains.
IT Consultancy

IT Consultant in a stage of growth

Overview of worked hours, solid reporting and competent counseling. All three things were crucial for entrepreneur Mark Tandrup from Eigo when choosing TimeLog.

Within a few months Mark Tandrup from the one-man business Eigo went from being a normal employed person to entrepreneur within operation, support and implementation of IT solutions for different companies.

The change came as Mark should support a bigger company in setting up a server solution via his uncle – and all of sudden he had difficulties meeting the deadline, as his uncle backed out: “I used to help several people with IT in my spare time. I never thought I would become self-employed", laughs Mark, as we catch him on the phone a warm summer day in July. 

From post-it’s and Excel to professional time tracking

”Today I have several small companies as customers”, Mark says. “If my business is going to be successful, I need to know how many hours I use and how many I am able to invoice. Often I end up writing my hours down on a post-it note before transferring them to Excel. It is difficult for me to know my financial situation and in times like these, I need to have an overview of my time and also how I spend it. It is better for my customers and myself,” Mark explains. “I know that fixed price projects are a good bargain. But with TimeLog I see exactly how good a bargain it is.”

Virtual server-setup crucial for data safety

The first time mark ran across TimeLog was via e-conomic’s homepage, because he considered choosing e-conomic as a financial system. “It is perfect, that TimeLog has a free integration for e-conomic. When it comes to data safety I, as an IT specialist, cannot feel too secure. It is definitely the virtual server-setup and the size of the company itself, that makes me feel calm. TimeLog is a solid company, which in my opinion does everything they can to secure data, which makes me feel safe", emphasises Mark.

Honesty gives integrity

”Even though you can’t do everything, you (TimeLog, red.) are honest about the work-arounds in the system. The consultant Gilli Haraldsen took basis in what was best for my company as a starting point, instead of trying to sell me something that I would not be satisfied with. I was advised to also consider other software, which could better meet the special needs I had in a specific area. Not because the feature in TimeLog wasn’t good, the other solution just fitted my processes better. It is hard to see through, when you not yet know all features in the system. You were very honest about the framework of the product, why I have confidence in you in the future, as I can trust what you say," emphasises Mark with a serious voice.

Implementation for one-man business? Why not?

Mark chose to buy a 4 hour workshop right away to supplement the investment in TimeLog. “If I need to exploit the system, I might as well do it right", he says with irrefutable logic. “I want the most out of my time and there are so many functions in TimeLog that I bought some start help. It is stupid to buy a system you cannot totally benefit from” Mark says, and we in TimeLog can only agree.

Even though the workshop resulted in more questions than when he started, Mark is convinced that it is a good thing. “Suddenly I need to re-think all my processes and work methods. It is a handful, because you are really challenged by the consultant, but when it is over, I have a top-tuned business, which can slowly expand to activities where it makes more sense and I make more money,” he ends amused.

Good documentation, which can help along

”When you choose a system like TimeLog, it IS a handful”, Mark laughs. “But there is quite a lot of information, so already from the beginning you are suited with material, which can help you in the process. At the same time it makes me calm that I, as TimeLog Business customer, can call and ask for support for the problems I might have. Not many systems offer that," tells the competent Jutlander. "With all the user manuals etc. I have all opportunities to be a better user of the system – and that is good enough for me. That I have an extra lifeline in the support is just an extra security,” he smiles.

I acknowledge that fixed-price projects is a good bargain. But with TimeLog, I see exactly what a good bargain it is.
Mark Tandrup
CEO, Eigo

Presentation of TimeLog

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Presentation of TimeLog