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Time tracking
User-friendly time tracking in a web browser, which turns time tracking into a positive experience.
Web time tracking
Punch clock registration via desktop client and mobile time tracking on IOS and Android. Works both online and offline.
Time tracking for desktop and mobile
Automatic flex calculation based on the employees’ registrations. The employee can read how the flex is calculated.
Registration of absence incl. vacation, leave and illness. Absence codes may be customised to match your needs.
Approval of hours, absence and invoices. E.g. approval of vacation and time off in lieu. Opportunity to use both project manager and manager approval of hours.
Approval processes
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Opportunity to manage more complex registration needs incl. over time and supplements.
Over time and supplements
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Time tracking directly on Outlook events, so your time tracking is done while planning. Integrates with the resource planner, so planned meetings are shown as workload and potential revenue in the forecast.
Outlook client
Project and case management
Breakdown of projects into an unlimited number of subtasks in up to 2 task levels.
Project structure in 1-2 levels
Breakdown of projects into an unlimited number of subtasks in up to 5 task levels.
Project structure in 1-5 levels
Tools to make it easy for the project manager, e.g. project templates, copy options, adjustment of project payments and hourly rates and moving hours.
The project manager’s toolbox
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Start and end date on projects and tasks which makes planning of multiple projects easier with a visual overview in a Gantt chart.
Planning & Gantt
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Detailed budgeting on both project, task and employee levels in both value and hours.
Budgeting in value and hours
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Opportunity to invoice projects in different currencies than the system currency. Opportunity to have hourly rates in foreign currencies.
Projects in foreign currencies
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Opportunity for allowing employees to estimate the remaining time on their tasks when they submit their hours. Minimises the risk of deadlines and budgets failing.
Time estimation (ETC)
For the project heavy organisation working structured with the project portfolio, progress and reporting. Relevant for companies running Prince2.
Project stages and status reports
Settle your projects either on time & material or fixed price.
Time & material and fixed price
Access to all settlement types incl. prepaid hours and service contracts, so you can manage both simple and complex project settlement.
Continuous contracts and prepaid hours
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Standardised invoice templates make it possible to produce invoice drafts 100% ready for booking with a single click without manual work afterwards. It may be an invoice line per employee, hourly rate or something else entirely.
Automised invoicing
Targeted companies working with the production principle and therefore need to book the produced value as revenue on a monthly basis independent of when the customer is invoiced.
Work in progress
Systematisation of the accounting function, so you can centrally block time tracking and booking of invoices in a specific period of time.
Accounting periods
Make your own invoice designs and link them to your customers, so they get the right layout and language.
Invoice designer
The number of invoices you send to your customers each month or transfer to your financial system from TimeLog.
Invoices per month
Unlimited Unlimited 30 per month
Resource management
Overview of the capacity in the company, which integrates with project planes, time tracking and planned meetings in Outlook, so you get an exact overview of the capacitive load.
Resource planner
Revenue forecast for the coming period based on your project contracts and resource booking.
Revenue forecast
With the CV database it is possible to allocate employees to tasks based on specific competences.
CV database
Keep track of your customers and contacts. For each customer you get an overview of projects and invoiced value.
Customer and contact database
Provide your customer access to see the status on their projects with the options to follow time consumption, project finances and invoices.
When you would like to know the earnings potential for the coming period and extend TimeLog with sales and pipeline management.
TimeLog CRM
Overview of registered hours and expenses on projects, employees, customers and portfolio.
Basis reports
Budgeting on customisable KPIs in TimeLog and real time insights in the budget achievement and the more complex key figures.
Budget reporting & KPIs
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Access to the standard dimensions project status, project category, task type, employee type and industry. Enables you to do detailed reporting on your different business areas.
Standard dimensions
Opportunity to create own dimensions that should be linked to projects, customers and employees for 100% reporting coverage. If you also have access to ”Departments and countries”, you may also add unique dimensions per department.
Own dimensions
Department structure in up to 4 levels for detailed department reporting and the opportunity to use several public holiday calendars, so public holidays in different countries are supported in international organisations.
Departments & countries
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Detailed data extraction which can be used for making your own reports in Excel.
Data extraction
Free standard integrations to e.g. e-conomic, Exact Online, Fortnox and Dinero.
Financial systems (cloud)
Integration solutions for locally installed financial systems, e.g. Microsoft NAV and Visma Administration.
Financial systems (OnPremise)
File export from TimeLog to e.g. Lessor Løn, Hogia+, Visma and Crona Lön incl. salary data.
File export to salary and financial systems
Integrations made by other suppliers between TimeLog and e.g. Jira, TFS and BI reporting. These integrations are implemented and supported by the supplier.
External integrations
Opportunity to integrate with e.g. SharePoint and file sharing with e.g. Dropbox.
Other integrations
Opportunity to integrate several financial systems with the same TimeLog solution. This enables organisations in more countries to work on the same projects. Eliminates double registration of hours.
TimeLog MLE (Multiple legal entities)
Opportunity to pull data from TimeLog for reporting purposes in other systems. You may retrieve a maximum of 100 MB per month.
Reporting API (max 100 MB extraction per month)
Opportunity to pull data from TimeLog for reporting purposes in other systems. You may retrieve a maximum of 1 GB per month.
Reporting API (max 1 GB extraction per month)
Opportunity to build your own to way integrations between TimeLog and your other IT systems.
Integration API
Opportunity to pull structured data out in a file format for import into other IT systems; typically salary systems.
File integration API
Access to all online help in the product and to our help portal, which you find here
Online support
Access to e-mail support via We are always ready to help.
E-mail support
Access to phone support at our senior supporters who are available Monday – Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM CET. A good supplement for the ambitious companies.
Phone support
Access to a personal account manager, who knows your needs and processes, with whom you will have minimum one yearly status meeting.
Personal account manager
Access to our many webinars. We host several webinars yearly about new features and processes in TimeLog.

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