New and improved project search in TimeLog

New and improved project search

Search your projects and see the progress right away, so you stay on top and see if budgets are kept.

We have looked forward to presenting one of the most used pages in TimeLog in a new design. We have updated the Search projects page, so the speed and new functionalities make your everyday life easier.

See if your projects are above budget

Many a little makes a mickle, the saying says. We believe you will feel the same way, when you take the new functionalities in Search projects into use.

You can now e.g. see the progress of your projects in the Completion column, both with a colour indication red, yellow, green and how much of the budget that was spent in %.

You thereby get a quick overview of which of your projects are about to reach the budget or are overrun, so you can take action right away.

You also get a quick overview of the project status with a visual presentation in the right side of the page. You can click the icon and change the status without having to enter the project to update it. You can also change status on several projects at once, which is useful when cleaning up your projects, and you e.g. want to archive several of your completed projects.

See the project's status and change it with a single click

Now it is also possible to search for projects based on contract type and contract status. You can e.g. search for all your paused fixed price projects, service agreements etc., and see if you need to start some of then again or how the budgets look for that group of projects.

Do your own search based on contract type and status

Save your searches and quickly find your projects

The values you search for can be saved, so when you open the page, the system uses your favourite search without you needing to do anything – your projects will be shown right away. You just need to click the little arrow next to the Show button to save a search. Hereafter you can use the gear [MPB1] icon and the personal settings for the page. Here you can select, which filter you want to see when you enter the Search projects page.

This also means that we have removed the menu item My projects, as this is the default view when you enter the page.

Save your favourite searches, so you can easily select a filter. You can also get your favourite search as default, when you enter the page.

If you want to learn more about the options, we have made a guide to the page, so you can get a good introduction.

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