New planning feature in TimeLog Project

4 new features that improve planning, task management and employee work load

New opportunities within planning and management of projects give a more realistic picture of the employees’ work load in the resource planner and makes invoicing according to invoicing plans easier.

In TimeLog Project’s system administration we have a few new possibilities within planning and management of your projects. Find them via System Administration > Projects > Project setup and add the functions that are useful for you.

Lock the project’s start and end dates to the task plan’s dates

Now you do not need to remember to update the project's overall start and end date in the project's general setting, even when you change the tasks' start and end dates. By activating "Lock project start and end date to task plan start and end dates" the project will automatically indicate if the tasks’ dates are later than the project’s dates. With one single click the project dates are automatically updated and visible in e.g. the Gantt chart.

Have the rates in the invoice plan follow the task's end date

Previously, when you changed the end date for tasks on fixed price projects, the rates of the invoice plan did not follow. If the data of the task on a fixed price project was changed from December 31st to January 31st, the invoice plan’s corresponding rate would still invoice December 31st.

You can now change this setting by marking the box: “Lock instalment invoicing date to task end date on fixed price tasks”, as seen below:

Planning Feature

The employees can end their own tasks on the project’s tasks

A problem on long term projects for an employee is typically that a project task is visible in the weekly timesheet until the task is officially ended by the project manager. If the task runs for more than a year, but the employee’s part is already done, it will result in a weekly timesheet with many fields, if a project runs for a long time. With the new planning function the employee can now end its share of the task with a new checkbox in the weekly timesheet, where it's posible to mark the task as completed. This way, the employee’s weekly timesheet will not be too big and confusing in the long run.

In the System Administration it is possible to choose whether the employee is allowed to re-open ended allocations or not. See screen shot above.

Start and end dates on single allocations

It is now possible to enter a specific start and end date for every single employee allocation on a task. Previously, the task’s start and end date determined the allocation’s time table, but this can now be planned in more detail. The feature offers more accurate resource planning, since the project manager is able to accurately schedule the time every employee work on specific tasks within the overall timeframe for the task.