Out now: What’s New 5.7

NEW RELEASE: TimeLog Project 5.7

TimeLog Project 5.7 has been released – read the new copy of "What's New" so you are up to date on the newest features!

For each major release, TimeLog publishes a document which summarises the latest improvements and describes new features. TimeLog Project 5.7 contains a new and improved resource planner, a feature for managing multiple project currencies, a new price list management feature and two new super reports.

New: resource management tool

The new resource management tool has already proven a big help in everyday workflows. It’s the tool for scheduling workflows and getting a clear view of which projects or events conflict with employee schedules, as well as managing scheduled pending jobs.

Since early December, we’ve received many positive comments from our customers. If you have yet to try out the new features, we highly recommend reading our new white paper, the key to unlocking the full potential of this tool.

New: projects with multiple currencies

For many international companies, project management in multiple currencies is a particularly challenging task. With the new currency feature, our international TimeLog Project users can easily create projects in domestic or foreign currencies for departments and customers with different services and price lists. Learn more about the new features and the possibilities in using multiple price lists and groups in the News and improvements in TimeLog Project document. Please note that access to multiple-currency price lists is reserved for our Business and Enterprise customers. If you’re currently using our Team edition but would like to utilise our currency feature, please contact us at info@timelog.com.

New: expenses with different VAT rates

You can now choose whether to use one standard VAT rate for each project expense or different rates according to the type of expense. Go to System Administration > Expenses > Expense Types to quickly set up your expense-specific VAT rates. This is a particularly useful feature for frequent travellers or employees with considerable representation expenses. The various VAT rates are configured individually in TimeLog Project. Additionally, it’s now possible for project coordinators to create or edit employee expense registrations as well as invoice these with the other services.

New: two super reports

We have greatly improved two of the most widely used reports in the system, providing even more analysis features. We’re talking about the time tracking report and the project overview report, available in the Project Administration.

New: closing projects now includes KPI quality assurance

Make sure you’ve remembered everything and that everything is in balance when closing your project. You still need to close completed projects but, in the event of incongruences, the system will prompt you to check whether they’re deliberate or mistakes. This helps you ensure that nothing is lost when closing your projects.

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In addition, a range of useful features are now available in TimeLog Project 5.7. This document highlights them all:

Download What's New for TimeLog Project 5.7

Project closure – quality assurance

Time Registrations – new super report

Projects – new all-inclusive report