Import schedules from Microsoft Project into TimeLog Project

TimeLog Project 5.6.25: Fast track, Microsoft Project and a new download section

This week, we roll out a series of small but exciting changes to TimeLog Project, including the brand new Fast Track initiative.

Fast Track – your chance to influence TimeLog Project

When we say we want to meet the needs of our customers, we mean it. As a matter of fact, without our customers TimeLog Project wouldn’t be what it is today. That’s why we’re introducing Fast Track: an initiative created by our development team, in which we allow a day’s worth of system development to implementing some of the many suggestions and requests from our valued users and partners. Every week, we select suggestions to include in the system. The Fast Track initiative is thus named for two reasons:

  • The scope of incoming suggestions must be such that they involve no more than one working day’s development,
  • and that they can be implemented within a very short time after being submitted.

In future, we will provide updates including minor improvements from our Fast Track developments.

As of January 2013, patch 5.6.026 is in development with the following Fast Track features:

  • Customer and contact deletion from the search results view in TimeLog CRM.
  • The TimeLog CRM comments history now shows only the last five comments. Any additional comments in the history are shown using the Show all comments function at the bottom of the list.
  • Support cases can now be copied in the TimeLog Help Desk module.
  • Recently used fields are offered when creating and linking project expenses.
  • The opportunity section of the TimeLog CRM pipeline report has been expanded to include events linked to marketing efforts for the given customer, e.g. workshops or shared projects included. The result is an improved and quicker overview.

Import Microsoft Project schedules into existing, empty TimeLog Project schedules

You can now import Microsoft Project schedules into existing, empty TimeLog Project schedules. In other words, you can create the project framework in TimeLog Project without having to fill in and describe all your events and tasks. Using the same macro for importing projects into TimeLog Project, schedules can now be transferred from Microsoft Project to TimeLog Project.

New download section for TimeLog Trackers

As of patch 5.6.25, all three versions of TimeLog Tracker – desktop, iPhone and Android – are available for download from the same section. The new section is automatically rolled out with the new version of TimeLog Project, and can be accessed from the system main menu and website front page. The latter will also include QR codes for easy download of TimeLog Tracker for iPhone and Android.