The new TimeLog website is live!

TimeLog's new website, pt 2

The new website promised savings and process optimisation, and it was given the green light. Next step was the design, which was to boost content and user-friendliness without inflating the cost.

Now in colour

Armed with figures and calculations to substantiate the efficiency of the new site, getting cracking was an easy decision to make. We had promised continuity in terms of the design to limit the task and risks involved, but we felt that by rebottling old wine we were missing out on something.

We decided to change the layout and to recycle the content almost completely. We wanted more and bolder colours. A range of highlights was added to the grey-green colour scheme, which will eventually be used in TimeLog Project too. The highlights aren’t symbolic, just freely available to our visitors.


For our visitors

We’ve chosen to divide our visitors into three groups: potential customers, existing customers and stakeholders. Each group has been assigned a navigation colour. “Stakeholders” covers partners, job applicants and anyone wishing to follow our progress. Some visitors fall into two groups. As such, navigation is sharply segmented, while the roll-down menus facilitate one-click navigation from one end of the website to the other.

The Myriad Pro font is our new corporate typeface, used on our website as well as in all marketing material. We prefer a larger font face, as we find it less stressful for eyes and neck (some of us are getting old). Important headlines are in capital letters, which are more difficult to read, but strongly emphasise the message.

New logo, improved graphics

The TimeLog star is now featured in the upper left-hand corner of the website. “Value Your Time” is now our slogan and focal point. The old logo has moved to the site footer, and is now used mainly to identify the sender. The number of images and graphic elements has been reduced and replaced by company solutions and reusable content where relevant. The few remaining graphic elements have been enlarged.

Anders Brandstrup

Anders Brandstrup